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Quay Australia | Hardwire Blue Light Blocking Glasses in Black to Clear / Clear Blue Light Lens

Hardwire Blue Light Glasses

$32.50 $65.00

Quay Eyeware Australia.

Go HARD. HARDWIRE features a classic square shape, injection plastic frame, and medium sized blue light lenses. Go wild in tortoise, or keep it simple in clear.

Keep your eyes in the clear with our blue light lenses, featuring technology to assist with blocking potentially harmful (blue) HEV light from screens to help prevent headaches, blurry vision, and other symptoms of digital eye strain.

Wear them when working on a laptop, watching TV, or scrolling the ‘gram to look good + feel good.

NOW FEATURING RX-ABLE FRAMES - take them to your optometrist to get your prescription put in.

Blue light lens. Catagory 0.

Injected plastic frame. Stainless steel hinges.
Medium Fit. Square Design.

Width: 14.7 cm
Height: 5 cm
Nose Gap: 2.1 cm

Don’t just throw these in the bottom of your bag.
Don’t leave these in a hot car; glasses in the heat for too long will melt.
Salt water and other chemicals don’t mix, so please don’t test the theory.
Don’t wear them on top of your head as it weakens the joints and misshapes the frame.
Don’t use clothing or coarse materials to clean the lenses, use microfiber material or hot water and a tissue to clean the lens.

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