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Mrs Darcy | GLOWetLUEUR Beauté Coconut Wax Candle in Pink: Prosecco, Rose + Brown Sugar

Beauté Artisan Candle - Pink: Prosecco, Rose + Brown Sugar


A scent so sweet you can almost taste it. Soak up the goodness with this indulgent dream, from decadent desserts to fresh bouquets, this one’s sure to swoon the senses.

A date with Prosecco is as fruity as it is delightful with a touch of vibrant fizz.
Brown Sugar sweetens up the mix for a fragrant dessert-lovers’ dream.
Classic Rose keeps it fragrant with the delicate musk of freshly-picked petals.

Our GLOWetLUEUR Beauté collection candles are born from a vibrant blend of artisan fragrances and illustrative designs as unique as they are inspiring.

Dive into a dream of colour and layered scents to ignite the senses with a creamy coconut wax blend, complete with cotton wicks for only the smoothest of burns.


Hand crafted in Sydney. By Mrs. Darcy.

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